Hans Christian “Flute Wave / Bang It” + Interview OUT NOW!!!

Hans Christian “Flute Wave / Bang It” is out now @junodownload and muusika24.ee!

Techno house in the making!

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Thanks to Eva Nota for the cover photography!

The interview

EWM Questions:

1) Hi, could you introduce yourself to EWM community members? (name, age, a little bit about yourself etc)

2) When did you start making music? (how did you get into making music, what where your influences, what did you listen at first? whos your mentor?)

3) What kind of music you mainly like to produce and make? (whats your main style)

4) Do you use software of hardware equipment for making music? (describe your equipment, what do you like to use etc..)

5) If you could say one word to describe your music, what it would be?

6) What do you think about world´s dance music scene (underground and mainstream) and whos your favorite artist at the moment?

7) Favorite upcoming artist in Germany?

8) What are your future goals in music industry?

9) Do you have an musical education (learned piano, guitar or graduated some music college?)

10) Your 5 tips for a beginner producer (how to start making music, what to learn first?)

1) My name is Hans Christian I am 17 years old and I live in Germany. I like music, partys and sports.

2) I started 1 year ago with producing Hip- Hop beats. After that early in 2010 I began to work on my first house music productions. I listen to a lot of music, because I think as a producer its always important to be familiar with many styles of music.

3) I tried to produce nearly every kind of dance music, but I think house is what I like the most.

4) I only use Logic Studio 8 with some plug-ins and a simple Midi-keyboard.

5) Upcoming

6) I think dance music has a very big scene in Europe and it will also be big in America. I think its ever expanding al around the world. My favorite artist at the moment is Afrojack from Holland, he is doing a great job at the moment I like all his productions.

7) Must be Hans Christian

8) The main goal is to make it a living, but until just having fun an improving my productions.

9) I played guitar when I was 13 but nothing else.

10) 1. Work as much as possible to keep updating your skills.
2. listen to music and try to understand how it produced, this will help you a lot when you work on your own productions.
3. Never give up, even when you think it sounds bad try to make it better.
4. Dont expect too much and keep it simple and nice.
5. Learn how to mix and master music.

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future! :)

EWM 2010