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1. Celldweller-Eon (DM and KrisR Remix)

2. Kris Randval-Echowide Music Anthem

3. Blue Stahli-Corner (DM Remix)

4. Blue Stahli-Corner (Kris R Remix)

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1. Layering drums and adding groove

2. Add gate and sidechain effect

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Echowide Music @ Bert Somnenburg music seminar

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EWM weekly favorite song corner:

Chicane-Come Back (week6)

This is Chicane at his best,its been out for some time now but still,this soft brittish synthpiano and mellow rhythmic drums just make you grab your headphones and then it drags you on the dancefloor.Brilliant. But my personal favourite is Dean Newton´s progressive house remix, this is proper club sound. And ShockOne dnb remix is one to watch. So get your headphones on and start blasting!!

Faithless-Not Going Home (week5)

Faithless is back and is back with a mindblower. Same old faithless, but in hole different salad dressing!! Fresh,modern,deep,delicious, and vocals are massive. And at the same time proper club banger!!


Gramofonedzie-Why Don´t You (week4)

Newschool beat meets the 1930´s, really cool and groovy tune. So jazzy house that when I listen to it I fly back in time. Easy,super collab with drums and jazz instruments and ofcourse the vocals. catchy! Me like:)

LittleBoots-Stuck on Repeat (week 3)
Pop meets house, house meets disco,pop kills disco, house nurtures disco and we get dead disco,we get Little Boots Stuck on Repeat.I fell in love with this synth, drums,bass vocals, fifth element and I fell in LUV with the singer. Absolute masterpiece.Suits all sizes!This easy going flow and peace what comes when you hear this track, is just brilliant.

Ian Carey Feat. Michelle ShellersKeep On Rising(Nicky Romero Remix) (week 2)

In the real world I like the original much more, but right now I´m not in a real world:) and this remix just takes you with. This modern club house beat gives you only one chance,chance to love it. And Michelle is brilliant as always with the melting voice. I love it!

Editors-Papillon(Tom Neville Remix) (week 1)

This synth groove and the flowness of drums combines so well with the relaxness and a little sandess if you like in the singers voice.This tune just throws me to the roof and drops  straight back. I feel so good!!