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We also did a little interview with Miss Groove, here it is:

1) Hi, could you introduce yourself to EWM community members? (name, age, a little bit about yourself etc)

My name is Anita Fabian and I was born in 1st May 1983. I’m an ordinary woman who likes the animals, doing sport, and go out with friends, but one thing is very important for me: music. I think music is a big happines for the people, and for me too. I want to give a lot of happines through the music. I think its a big rule in my life, because I like to do it. When I produce music I see a picture in my head: the people and their face, everybody is dancing and smileing, they haven’t got any problems only the moment, music, and joy.
I love the parties and I like to meet with new faces, who can be new friends of me. My precept is: enjoy your life and enjoy yourself, if you are blissfull, the people arround you, are happy too:D

2) When did you start making music? (how did you get into making music, what where your influences, what did you listen at first? whos your mentor?)

I started to produce music 3 yeras ago. I thought Djing is intresting and I like it very much, but I was courious about myself: What a kind of music can I produce? How would be my own sounding?:D That was a big dream of me, to make and play my tracks for the people and to give an unforgettable feeling.
So I decided I go to Budapest and I fhinish a music writter class.

3) What kind of music you mainly like to produce and make? (whats your main style)

My main style is techno, but I mix it with different music elements for example a bit tech-house, proggressive or electro house:D

4) Do you use software of hardware equipment for making music? (describe your equipment, what do you like to use etc..)

My big favourite is Cubase:) I produce my tracks in this program, it sounds very good.
Naturly I also use a midi interface too. The trade name is not public:D:D

5) If you could say one word to describe your music, what it would be?

like my Dj name: Groove (music):D

6) I think the hungarian partypeoples and the Parties are excellent, but we have a lot of problem in the music scene. Our Country is very small and we have to much Djs and producers at the moment. Everybody must working hard to have a position in our music scene.

The most of them, like me wants to make their one’s way in foreign Countries.

My favourite DJs are in Hungary the followings: Dj Budai, Sanfranciscobeat, Coyote, and the no name Djs (there are a lot) who have a lot of talent to making and playing music

7) Favorite artist from outside Estonia?

There are a lot. From the star Djs: Spektre, Lottie, Monika Kruse, Lucca, Carl Cox, Misa Salacova, Anthony Pappa, Dave Seamen, Industrialyzer and moore…of course the Hungarian Djs too. I also like the no name producers and Djs whos can be a very big talents…they are abel to surprise everybody:D

8) What are your future goals in music industry?

Hmm I think its very easy, I want to be a well known professional Dj and producer, and I want to travel a lot in Europa. It would be great to get a lot of companionship.
I want to give a lot of good music for the people.:D

9) Do you have an musical education (learned piano, guitar or graduated some music college?)

When I was a child I could play cello, but I didn’t like it. It would be better to play piano but I coudn’t because my mother hasn’t got enough money to buy it.
In the last year I started to play piano it helps me a lot to produce much better and quality music!

10) Your 5 tips for a beginner producer (how to start making music, what to learn first?)

Maybe the first step is to learn some musical instrument, it can helps you to understand the technical sites of music and melodies.
The second is to get a good teacher who knows how it works with the digital softwares, and helps you understand it.
After this you can start making music.
Very important to spend enough time with it and practise, practise, practise!

Thanks for the interview and good luck in the future! :)